What is your chef style?

ChefStyleWhat is chef style?

I’m not talking about your rank in the kitchen, but the manner in which you behave in the kitchen.

Chef style: Cleaning

Do you clean up as you go along or do you make a giant mess and clean it up at the end?

Or maybe you are lucky enough to have a wonderful mate who doesn’t mind cleaning up your giant mess since you create such wonderful culinary delights.

Me, I’m a control freak. I want to be the one who cleans the dishes and the kitchen so I know it’s clean.

Others are lucky enough to have a sous chef of sorts…someone to follow along behind them as they cook, cleaning up messes, even chopping up vegetables when needed.

Again, I’m too much of a control freak, unless it’s Thanksgiving, then I’ll take all the assistance I can get. I just want all the food to be on the table at the same time and be hot.  Cleaning up can happen after pie.

Chef style: preparations

I’m the kind of person who likes to get out everything and set it on the counter, like I’m on a cooking show.  Also, I just like to make sure I have all of the ingredients and tools needed to make whatever concoction I’m attempting.

I used to get things out as I needed them, but I kept realizing that I was out of an ingredient.  It only took about 30 times for me to realize that I might want to check my stock first. Some things I leave in their place, like refrigerated items, until I need them, but I still do a check before cracking eggs or pouring milk.

What about you? Do you get everything out  or just grab and go?

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