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5 things not to do on an airplane…this means you, buddy.

Things-Not-To-Do-On-AirplaneMost of these are basic manners and/or common sense, but a reminder is always helpful.

Thing #1 not to do on an airplane: Get up before drinks have been served.

Unless it’s an emergency, it’s best to wait. Otherwise you could end up like the poor sap on my flight to Las Vegas who got stuck behind the cart for 10 minutes waiting to get back to his seat.

Thing #2 not to do on an airplane: Hog the space in the overhead bins.

Seriously, you get to put one item in there and that’s it. Unless the plane is miraculously not full (almost never these days), you are being rude if you put your coat, your rolling bag, and your personal item up there.  Two of those things need to go under the seat in front of you. Continue reading

Birthday Travel: Where would you go?

Birthday travel: Where would you go?Have you ever gone anywhere special for a milestone birthday? Some people have large parties, I would rather take that money and spend it on a vacation.

For my 30th birthday, my family went to Las Vegas. It was a great time. We stayed at the Venetian. We had a lovely dinner at some restaurant that I can’t remember, but I know it was at the Venetian. I wore a pretty pink dress and was happy. Continue reading

Naughty wine no-no’s

Wine no-no's WTF-AmyYes, I am guilty of doing some things with wine that would make certain people gasp.  Please, learn from my mistakes. Like your parents told you, do as I say not as I do…yeah, I know. It doesn’t work.

WTF-Amy’s Top 4 wine no-no’s list

  1. Ice cubes in white wine.  My sister and I are guilty of this crime against wine.  You can see the evidence in the above photos. Yes, it waters down the wine and it’s especially heinous to do this to good wine.  It’s one thing to do it to a bottle of two buck Chuck, it’s another to do it to a $30 bottle from your wine club.
  2. Dinner parties. Some good advice I once read said that you should only bring a bottle of wine you are willing to lose. That doesn’t mean bring a crappy bottle. It means you might not get to drink what you bring, but taking it back would be so bad, so you should bring something good enough to share, but won’t break your heart if you don’t get to drink it.
  3. Milk or milk products in wine glasses.  Wine glasses can pick up odors, so no matter how much you clean them, there could always be a rotten milk smell to the glasses…slight as it might be.
  4. Filling the glass to the top.  I’m OK with this one at a restaurant…because I’m probably paying by the glass, but otherwise, no. The wine needs to breathe and I’m a little clumsy. Picking up a full glass is pretty much going to result in a nice red spot on your lovely white tablecloth. Do us all a favor and adhere to the 2/3 rule.  There’s always more wine in the bottle…or another bottle.

Are there any other wine no-no’s that should be on this or future lists?