Three hotel stay tips: how to stay clean

hotel stay tipsHere’s the thing: Hotel rooms are dirty.  Sure, they might look clean, but trust me, they aren’t. I’ve got a few tips to satiate the germaphobe in us all. Read on if you want to know how to stay clean in a hotel room!

Hotel stay tip #1: Lysol everything

Seriously, I carry small cans of the stuff with me when I travel and spray down the whole freaking room as soon as I put down my luggage (not on the bed). Start with the TV remote, then move on to the bed. Pretty much spray down any surface you might touch…especially the door handles and light switches.

Hotel stay tip #2: Don’t use the drawers.

Again, people are gross. You’ve probably heard on the news about people getting bed bugs from putting their clothes in the lived in looking dressers.  That’s exactly why you don’t use them. Other people put their clothes in there before you and I’m pretty sure no one sprayed it out with Lysol or bug spray to kill whatever was living on their clothes.

Side note: It will also be easy to flee in case of fire/flood/tornado if you keep all of your stuff in your suitcase. Bonus!

Hotel stay tip #3: Don’t go barefoot

Again, I rarely see housekeeping vacuuming rooms between people moving into them, so I’m pretty sure all manner of microscopic critters are crawling along the tile and carpet. Bring a pair of flip-flops or at the very least…always wear socks. Unless you’re the kind of person who is comfortable going barefoot outside.  I admire your devil may care attitude, but my brain won’t let me be that way.

Think I’m nuts?  Feel free to read this article by a former housekeeper at a hotel.  You might think I’m a little conservative.

4 thoughts on “Three hotel stay tips: how to stay clean

    1. Amy Ruiz Fritz Post author

      I know, right? When I read that other article, I was like…I’m never using the coffee maker or cups (unless they are those plastic wrapped disposable ones) again.


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