How to buy wine for beginners

HowToBuyWineForBeginnersYou have started to enjoy wine, but the thought of buying a whole bottle makes you freak out a bit inside.

Don’t fret.  I’ve been drinking wine for years and I’m still intimidated and overwhelmed by the wine choices available. It’s almost too much!

How to buy wine for beginners: Where to start?

First things first: set a budget. You don’t have to spend $50 to get a decent bottle of wine. There are tons of reasonably priced (i.e. $10 -$20) bottles available.

How to buy wine for beginners: Who’s drinking?

Is this just a bottle for you after a long day of work? Are you having some friends over for dinner? Are they good friends or just meh friends? Are you going to a party? Figuring out who is going to be imbibing with you or not will help you figure out how far you want to stretch your budget.

How to buy wine for beginners: What do you like?

Are you a red or white fan? Are you feeling adventurous or want to stick to what you’ve had in the past? Most places that sell wine will have someone available to help you with this question. They can make great suggestions and know how to get you to figure out what it is you might like.  Unless you are going to some cheap ass liquor store, then you are likely on your own there.

How to buy wine for beginners: What’s this wine for anyway?

Sort of related to who is drinking the wine, are you going to eat food with the wine or just sip it before supper or maybe lunch? Honestly, I don’t really think about this factor when I’m going to buy wine. I know from experience that I usually enjoy red blends and most whites. Some people do care about pairing wine with their food. I suggest you do some separate research on that subject if you think it’s something that would be of interest.

If you are still freaking out, here’s a helpful flowchart:

Original Source: How to Choose Wine

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